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Hormone analysis

Ultrasound diagnostic


In order to clarify the cause of your symptoms (e.g. infertility, recurrent miscarriages/implantation failure or bleeding disorders), we recommend an examination of the uterine cavity. 

Find out everything about the process of hysteroscopy here.

Endometrial analysis: NK- and plasma cells

In order to find out possible causes of fertility problems, recurrent miscarriages and/or implantation failure, we check the presence of NK cells and plasma cells in the uterine lining.

Find out everything about the endometrial analysis (NK cells and plasma cells) here.

Endometrial analysis: bacterial determination

In the case of (persistent) chronic endometritis (e.g. despite antibiotic therapy), we offer a micro-/molecular biological determination of germs in the endometrial tissue (uterine lining).

Find out everything about the endometrial bacterial determination.


The ReceptIVFity test is a new test that allows you to better estimate the success rate of fertility treatment in advance.

Find out everything about the process and result of the ReceptIVFity-test here.


Polar body diagnosis (PBD)


MiOXSYS is a Male infertility Oxidative SYStem, that is accurate to use, easy to use and offers the fastest oxidative stress result available today. 

Find out everything about the process and result of the MiOXSYS-analysis here.


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